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Types of Handle & usage in furniture | Varieties of Handle

#Handle is part of furniture, which is being used to open wardrobe door, cabinet door, drawer as well as handle used in door of room. Handle is manufactured to operate various types of door and there various option for the various types of the #door stating from the biggest size to smallest size handle.

Cabinet Handle

Widely known as cabinet handle is being used in cabinet as well as wardrobe which is most favourable by the people and used to pull and open the door. Cabinet handle are available in many qualities and made of materials like #sscabinethandle #brasscabinethandle #zincalloycabinethandle #aluminiumcabinethandle.

Stainless Steel Cabinet Handle #ss

SS cabinet handle are majorly shaped like D pull handle which made from different shapes of stainless steel bar. SS Handle also known as ss bar handle and widely being used because of its durability and well finished look with varieties including CP, SS, Combi, Antique, Copper, Gold etc as well as there availability in ss 202, ss j4, ss 304 grade.

Brass Cabinet Handle #brass

Brass cabinet handle is quite costly than the any other types of handle still it's popular for the furniture and other technical usage for durability varieties of shapes and finishes. Brass handle can be manufactured in desired shapes and style.

Zinc Alloy Cabinet Handle #zincalloy

Zinc Alloy cabinet handle is also known as white metal handle which is cheapest in the market of handle. There are many qualities available in zinc alloy handle it must be of good quality for the durability more than 5 Years. We can manufacture varieties of designs and finishes in white metal or zinc alloy cabinet handle like brass handle.

Stainless Steel Knob #ss

Knob could be use at place of handle it gives an adorable look to furniture as well as it is place saving. Knob can be manufactured in stainless steel. Small size knob made of stainless steel suitable for the drawer as well as small size door of cabinet or wardrobe. There are also availability of big size knob for the bigger door.

Main Door Handle & Glass Door Handle #ss

Main door handle cum glass door handle are made stainless steel pipe or tube. Pipe handle can be manufactured in various size, shapes and quality including round pipe & square pipe.

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